Price: $30

State: Texas
City: Montgomery
Zip code: 77316
Type: Animals

Only two for sell, the one in which the wing is being held out is 4months of age not for sell at this time just to show the size of the wing span.
They are 6months old love to eat meal worms spoiled and love to be held. They are not a breed for eating..... very small, smaller than silkies. My hens are not for sale at this time just showing the pic of them in the tray to get an understanding of the size these are at 4months of age. Mixed with Cochin, I do not raise or breed for show this is a hobby. I have noticed this little ones turn out to be the best brooders but the hens at times get too broody and will set on two or almost a dozen of eggs. I have taken hatchlings from the one brooder and she was so upset she laid six more eggs and hatched those too in a month & a half apart.
Any questions Nine36fourzero1